Having a minimal business isn't a pipedream.  It's an achievable goal that will make coming to work every day much more fun!

I created The Easy Guide to a Minimal Business, a LIVE TRAINING, to walk you through a few areas of your business that can be simplified and systematized so that you're not overwhelmed whenever you open up your laptop.

Who is this for?   Established business owners (been in business for at least 2ish years) who feel like they have too much on their plate and feel paralyzed with so much happening in their business.

I'll be covering: 

  • how to assess what you actually do all dang day
  • what a minimal business really is
  • how to minimize the things you pay for
  • simplifying your calendar so you actually have MORE time
  • auditing your efforts so you spend time on things that matter
  • develop a plan to only do the things you love
  • how to go from an overwhelming, too-busy business to a easy-to-manage business where everything gets done
This training is designed to help you breathe a little easier, CUT THE FAT IN YOUR SPENDING, and maximize the tasks that you actually love doing. 

Amber Monaco, Director of Operations

Oh hey, you!  If case we haven't met yet, I'm Amber.  

I love bringing processes and systems to everyday life. Aside from tediously filling out my planner and color-coding my bookshelf, I thrive in turning the messy into the methodical.
I've been in the online world since 2011, and You Need an Amber is my 3rd business.  Let's just say I've been around the block.  I know what it means to be doing too much, working too hard, and living in a world of overwhelm.  I'm here to change all of that!

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The Easy Guide to a Minimal Business, $47

  • Live training with Amber (and the replay)
  • A minimal business workbook 
  • A 15-minute phone with Amber, post-training

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Don't worry, there's no upsell.  Maybe I'll create something else in the future, but for now, I'm sharing everything I know!